Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh hai!

Well hello there, boys and girls! My name is Spiffy and thiiiis is mah new blog. I already have a livejournal that I've been using for years confide (re: whine) in, but I figure I need something different. My LJ is for my close friends, because they have earned the right to be nosy about my boring life. You children, however, should not be subjected to that.

So this here is gonna be my blog of happy stuff! Anything I find amusing, and I guess random stupid thoughts that pop into my head. Or something. Anything goes, really.

Soooo...if you're easily offended and/or don't like rainbows and kittens, I suggest you gtfo. :D

Also so this first post isn't a complete snorefest, when I went to type in a title for this entry, this is what came up:


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Bonnie said...


Also the word verification code I had to type here was "timerrea". I HAVE TIME DIARRHEA.