Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel...


Welcome to day two of screwy Santas! And today we have...

...well hey, he doesn't look all that bad. Honestly, that's a pretty impressive face thar. But wait, you want me to zoom out? Well okay!


....yeeeah. This little guy was also a gift some random Christmas ago. You'll notice that will become a trend here. Can't you just imagine the look of glee we must've had when we opened the box and saw this giant freak of nature staring at us? Woo boy!

Apparently this here is a genuine lobotomy letterbox Santa! Yeah, the whole purpose of this guy is to sit on your countertop or coffee table and hold your letters and whatnot. To clear some clutter so you have more room for decorations, I guess. As you can see below, my family clearly puts jolly ol' Saint Nick to good use.

I'd also like to point out the awesomeness of that little...hat...growing off the corner of his big square face. The lack of ears is also a classy touch, I think. And believe you me, we here at Rainbows, Glitter, and Unicorn Farts are classy people. Very classy indeed.
NOTE: Said classy people are only actually only one person. One sad, sad little person.

Tomorrow I'm gonna bust out one of the big guns, people, so stick around! Yes kids, Friday will bring about a Santa for the foot-fetishist in all of us! YAHOO!!

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